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We Have Two Missions

The Tardy foundation was set up to create, help to create, work with and/or participate in events to raise funds for charities.  

Al Tardy's personal mission is to travel, spreading the message to people to "be proud of THEIR talent level" whatever level that happens to be.  "I want people to realize that they have a precious gift...  The gift of LIFE.  And, that we are all born with an Elite Heart that yearns to be great."   The world however covers that heart up by making people feel that if they are not the best in what they do, they can't accomplish great things. 

"As I travel to run road races, I too often hear how people have accomplished their personal best.  But then, they start putting down their own accomplishment by comparing it to the people that finished before them."   Al wants you to understand that it doesn't matter if your talent level (in whatever you do) puts you in the front, middle or back of the pack, as long as you are doing your best you need to be proud of your talent level.  

Al's mission as he travels both on speaking engagements and to compete, is to raise people's view of their own self worth by opening their eyes to how great THEY ARE.  And then to take it one level higher and find a way to help others through their talents."To open the door to feeling better about ones self is multiplied tremendously when you take your eyes off yoruself and put them on others. You will never feel more humbled and at the same time thankful for life, then when you look into the thankful eyes of someone that you have helped."