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The Tardy foundation was set up to create, help to create,

work with and/or participate in events to raise funds for charities.

The Alaska Run is back on!


A Message from Al Tardy

Although in my first run I actually averaged 58 miles per day (more than two marathons!), and hold the world record for the mostmiles per day in an unassisted run across the country, I will probably never runa marathon. In the time that has elapsed since my first run, I’ve developed an ambition to inspire those who consider themselves “average runners,” as that is what I consider myself–”Average Al,” if you will. Though I do have great respect and admiration for those who utilize their passion for running through marathons, triathlons and the like, I’ve realized that average talent can be put to great use. For example, to raise money for those in need.



Al Tardy was born in Northampton, MA; son of Betty Peroni and Ernest Tardy. A graduate of Northampton High School, Al took classes at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. On May 22, 1978, Al began his first run at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. Accompanied only by a backpack, Al averaged over 45 miles/day, completing a 3,200-mile trek and reaching his hometowndestination of Florence, MA on August 5th. Al was sponsored by the National Council of Corvette Clubs, and raised funds and awareness for the Spina Bifida Association of America.  Since then, Al has started his own painting company, A Brush Above painting, in addition to AMT Enterprises, a power-brokering company, and ventures in realty. His experiences have given him many opportunities to connect with and contribute to the Pioneer Valley community and surrounding areas. Al’s passion for running came at an early age, and while his competitive days were left in college, Al has enjoyed running road races and leisurely courses on a regular basis.