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Gold (8 available)

Cost $70,000 (cash/in-kind products)


  • Company/Organization/Individual name incorporated onto vehicle wraps
  • Tier 2 logo size and placement on RV/Bus
  • Company/Organization/Individual name incorporated into all promotional materials and press kits
  • Tier 2 logo/name incorporated onto banners/events canopies
  • Display of Company/Organization/Individual products at local events (if appropriate)


  • Hour long documentary shown on national network
  • Company/Organization/Individual logo/name/tab line used in billboards
  • Product usage through documentary including "feature" within the body of show
  • Rights to use all appropriate footage
  • Company/Organization/Individual name and website address in closing credits

Local Publicity

  • Best efforts to use RV/Bus (and thus Company/Organization/Individual name) as backdrop for live shots
  • Company/Organization/Individual logo on tee shirts and other promotional items


  • Company/Organization/Individual logo/name incorporated into website
  • Links to Company/Organization/Individual website
  • Video feature on Company/Organization/Individual
  • Written feature on Company/Organization/Individual